Mitsubishi Mini Split Systems

Pricing & Review for Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pump Systems

Mini Split Concealed Duct Systems

Mitsubishi Mini Split Concealed Duct Systems help pay for themselves due to the significant savings realized by the highly efficient DC motors. These systems are engineered to to be installed in your ceiling level and can replace traditional floor and wall mounted heating appliances. This minimizes their presence while providing comfort in homes, offices, restaurants or shops. Their low unit height, 7-7/8″, and lightweight design help ease the installation process.

Mitsubishi Mini Split Concealed Duct Systems

Short-run ductwork with a wide air-flow pattern enables the Mini Split Concealed Duct Unit to providing heating and cooling to areas that need comfort dispersed evenly throughout the space, unusually shaped rooms as well as adjoining rooms. The “Powerful” mode enables quick heating and cooling for any desired space, causing the condenser fan to increase its output for 15 minutes before resuming standard operation.

The Mitsubishi SEZKD-Inverter Compact Ceiling Concealed Ducted Heat Pump System is available in 9,000, 12,000, 15,000, and 18,000 BTU capacities.